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Runtime: 84 Minutes | Rating: Not Rated
Language: Albanian with English subtitles
Director: Blerta Basholli
Cast: Yllka Gashi, un Laji, Kumrije Hoxha, Aurita Agushi, Adriana Matoshi, Molik Maxhuni, Blerta Ismaili, Kaona Sylejmani, Mal Noah Safiu, Xhejilane Trbunja, Astrit Kabashi, Adem Karaga, Armend Smajli, Shklqim Islami, Ilir Prapashtica
Genres: Drama, Women and Film, Festival Favorite, Greg's List
Distributor: Zeitgeist Films


Hive is a searing drama based on the true story of Fahrije, who has lived with fading hope and burgeoning grief since her husband went missing during the Kosovo war. To provide for her struggling family, she pulls the other widows in her community together to launch a business selling a local food product. Together, they find healing and solace in considering a future without their husbandsbut their will to begin living independently is met with hostility. The men in the village condemn Fahrije's efforts, starting a feud that threatens their newfound sovereignty.

"An engrossing, utterly classic tale of overcoming adversity." -Deborah Young, Hollywood Reporter